April 2008 
Maracana stadion  
From: Luck  08/18/11 12:15:08
Heck yeah bay-bee keep them comnig!


From: Kenisha  08/18/11 02:52:00
No complaints on this end, sipmly a good piece.


Jesus Christus met Maria  
From: fer  04/07/08 17:49:52
wat een stuk


Praia de Copacabana  
From: fer  04/07/08 17:51:09


From: Geraldine  08/18/11 03:49:09
Last one to utlizie this is a rotten egg!


Copacabana 1  
From: nynke  04/27/08 14:03:33
hat net in soad om it liif

From: tom  04/27/08 14:04:40
the beer is no good


Copacabana 2  
From: tom  04/27/08 14:04:15
the weather is really nice


From: nynke  04/27/08 14:09:57
it sil us warren ek net weze


From: ELINAFLESSE  05/09/11 04:23:25
Bedankt voor een interessante blog


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